Water/Methanol Injection Kit

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Fully Progressive Water-Methanol Injection Kit

  • Latest technology components (pump, nozzles, solenoids)
  • ProMeth components
  • 3D table for MAP vs RPM vs Meth flow
  • Injector Duty Cycle follower and multiplier
  • Pulse fast acting valves (PWM)
  • Pump pulse control
  • Failsafe cuts boost on low level or low pressure situations
  • Independent map sensor supported
  • Fully progressive system

Go beyond simple pump based, partially progressive systems with inferior flow control that has technology over 10 years old. FrostByte controller coupled with Industry leading components and fittings will give you full control and reliability extracting every last bit of horsepower from your vehicle. 

Standard Package

This package contains everything you need to equip your street or race car with water-methanol injection. Most turbocharged cars expecting to extract 10% to 20% more power is able to do so with this kit.

Direct Port Package

This package contains the standard package components along with direct port fittings for 4, 6 or 8 cylinders. This is recommended for those who want every last drop of reliable HP out of their system.

If running a non-turbocharged nitrous motor then a direct port is highly recommended over the standard package.


General tuning guide is given to all customers specific to their application


  • Recommended for off-road use only!
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Water/Methanol Injection Kit

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